Harlan Carvey on Talk Forensics

Earlier today I listed to the Talk Forensics podcast featuring Harlan Carvey. I thought it was interesting to hear a forensics expert discuss the sorts of cases he has been working. Harlan mentioned how he witnessed intruders integrate obfuscation techniques into their SQL injection attacks. These techniques successfully achieved their goals while introducing a secondary effect: their anti-forensic nature complicated analysis. Harlan mentioned how previously one could search Web server logs for SQL DECLARE statements, but after obfuscation was introduced the analyst had to be more diligent.

Harlan also mentioned that TaoSecurity Blog helped inspire him to start his Windows Incident Response blog, which is probably the best blog on the subject. Thanks Harlan! Also, I'm looking forward to Harlan's second edition of Windows Forensic Analysis. If you check the link you'll see that Syngress has introduced a new cover scheme, their first in probably 10 years. Finally, Harlan and I will be speaking at the SANS WhatWorks Summit in Forensics and Incident Response 2009, which will be the best collection of IR practitioners anywhere. One of my team, Ken Bradley, will also be speaking there.

Richard Bejtlich is teaching new classes in Las Vegas in 2009. Regular Las Vegas registration ends 1 July.


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