Black Hat Class Outline Posted

The registration process for my TCP/IP Weapons School 2.0 class at Black Hat USA 2009 continues to be active. Several people have asked for something they could show their managers to explain the course in one page, so I created a class outline in .pdf format. No, this is not a malicious .pdf!

I am also available to answer questions on the class, so please feel free to ask here. Based on the feedback from my DC and Amsterdam sessions earlier this year, students are enjoying the new lab-centric format which focuses on teaching hands-on skills and an investigative mindset. In Amsterdam I also used a new question-and-answer approach where I "batched" questions asked by the students during the labs, and then set aside separate time to just answer questions on whatever security topic the students wanted to discuss.

Remember I also posted a Sample Lab a few months ago to give one example of the format used by this new class.

After Black Hat USA I will not be training again until 2010. If you want to attend my class your best bet is to sign up before 1 July. "Late" and "Onsite" registration is a possibility after that, but it's more expensive and seats are not as easy to get as earlier in the process. Last year I trained almost 140 students in two classes. Thank you.

Richard Bejtlich is teaching new classes in Las Vegas in 2009. Regular Las Vegas registration ends 1 July.


Michael said…
Well since you *said* it isn't a malicious PDF, of course it isn't :)

Just kidding. I took TWS last year in DC. Great class, I encourage everyone to go if they haven't.
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the comment. Just a reminder that if you took TWS in 2008 or earlier, TWS 2.0 is completely different. All I kept was the name for brand recognition.

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