Traffic Talk 4 Posted

My fourth edition of Traffic Talk, titled Daemonlogger for Packet Capture and Redirection, has been posted. From the article:

Welcome to the 4th edition of Traffic Talk, a regular series for network solution providers and consultants who troubleshoot business networks.

In this article I'll demonstrate two novel features of Marty Roesch's Daemonlogger tool.

I compare Daemonlogger's ring buffer to Tcpdump's ring buffer, and then show how to use the Daemonlogger soft tap function.

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Anonymous said…
Good article, Richard. Does Marty have plans in the future to make Daemonlogger support duplicating specific traffic out more than one interface?

For example, HTTP traffic out eth1, FTP traffic out eth2, and all other out eth3?
Not that I know of. That would be great. We've asked in the past.
Incidentally as I said in my article, I wrote about how to do that with Pf several years ago.
Martin Roesch said…
A couple comments:

1) You can specify a size using shortcuts at the command line. Like '-s 100M' instead of '-s 100000000' for example.

2) I've thought about replicating traffic out multiple interfaces, it's probably not too hard to do if I'm just going to spit out the same packets on many interfaces. In order to send out different traffic by type I have to add a decoder. I can do that but the complexity is going to go up...
Anonymous said…
Marty, you seem like someone who knows how to write secure code, and Daemonlogger is open source, so there is peer review. I wouldn't let a little complexity get in the way of useful and sometimes needed features. Either way, thanks for creating cool software!
Martin Roesch said…
I've got no problem with my skills to write secure code, just the added overhead of quadrupling the size of the codebase to add full decoding and traffic slicing options gives me pause. It's such a nice simple little codebase right now. :)

I'll have time over the next couple weeks, I'll probably take some time and port Snort 3's decoder logic over to DL as a nice little xmas present to all the fans out there.
Anonymous said…
That should be pretty cool, Marty. Thanks, and I hope you have a great Christmas!

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