Review of Nmap Network Scanning Posted

Earlier this year I posted Review of Nmap Network Scanning. Now Fyodor's book is available through Therefore, I expanded my earlier story into a five star review:

Earlier this year Fyodor sent me a pre-publication review copy of his new self-published book, Nmap Network Scanning (NNS). I had heard of Fyodor's book when I wrote my 3 star review of Nmap in the Enterprise in June, but I wasn't consciously considering what could be in Fyodor's version compared to the Syngress title. Although the copy I read was labelled "Pre-Release Beta Version," I was very impressed by this book. Now that I have the final copy (available from Amazon) in my hands, I am really pleased with the product. In short, if you are looking for *the* book on Nmap, the search is over: NNS is a winner.

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P@ck3t P1MP said…
How does this compare to "Secrets of Network Cartography:

A Comprehensive Guide to Nmap

Second Edition"

Written by James "Professor" Messer
Good question... I've not read that other book. However, Fyodor wrote Nmap. He knows more about it than anyone else. Also, he covers Nmap Scripting Engine which is not addressed elsewhere.

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