Bejtlich Teaching at Black Hat DC 2009 Training

Black Hat was kind enough to invite me back to teach a new 2-day course at Black Hat DC 2009 Training on 16-17 February 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA. This class, completely new for 2009, is called TCP/IP Weapons School 2.0. This is my only scheduled class on the east coast of the United States in 2009.

The short description says:

This hands-on, lab-centric class by Richard Bejtlich focuses on collection, detection, escalation, and response for digital intrusions.

Is your network safe from intruders? Do you know how to find out? Do you know what to do when you learn the truth? If you need answers to these questions, TCP/IP Weapons School 2.0 (TWS2) is the Black Hat course for you. This vendor-neutral, open source software-friendly, reality-driven two-day event will teach students the investigative mindset not found in classes that focus solely on tools. TWS2 is hands-on, lab-centric, and grounded in the latest strategies and tactics that work against adversaries like organized criminals, opportunistic intruders, and advanced persistent threats.

Registration is now open. Black Hat set the four price points and deadlines for registration:

  1. Early: Ends Jan 1

  2. Regular: Ends Feb 1

  3. Late: Ends Feb 11

  4. Onsite: Feb 16

Please join me in the DC area next year for TCP/IP Weapons School 2.0. If you've attended previous classes, even TCP/IP Weapons School, the new class is brand new and you're definitely welcome back. Thank you.


Anonymous said…
Hi Richard,

From the description, its gonna be different from previous TCP/IP Weapons School?

Is 2.0 more like NSM as in your 2 books? Thanks.

Hi SC,

Right, this class will be new from the ground-up. I'm retiring the first class, The new class will have NSM in it but I will do more on the host and also address response, not just detection.
Anonymous said…
no vegas?
Zoom, I'll be in Vegas -- just no training page yet.
jlo said…

Once again I find myself trying to find a way to attend your course in D.C. (last year i was hoping to make it to Vegas). As I live in Seattle that makes it quite a hike. Have you considered giving your course on the West Coast, perhaps in Seattle? I feel pretty confident it would be a success.

Hi Jeff,

I only teach for Black Hat these days. All teaching is done on my vacation time, so I don't have any extra time to teach anyway with my day job.

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