Review of Nmap in the Enterprise Posted just published my 3 star review of Nmap in the Enterprise by Angela Orebaugh and Becky Pinkard. From the review:

Initially I hoped Nmap in the Enterprise (NITE) would live up to its title. I was excited to see "Automate Tasks with the Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE)" on the cover, in addition to the "Enterprise" focus. It turns out that beyond a few command line options of which I was not previously aware, and some good info on interpreting OS fingerprinting output in Ch 6, I didn't learn much by reading NITE. If you are new to Nmap or network scanning you will probably like NITE, but if you want a real enterprise focus or information on NSE you will be disappointed.


Unknown said…
This book is especially underwhelming at 60 bucks. If it had been priced cheaper at around $40 on the cover, I'd at least be neutral about it.

I'd suggest to anyone who really wants this book to do your best to pick it up at half price somewhere, or a used copy. Or just wait for Fyodor's version. I would almost guess this book and it's release were influenced in no small part by Fyodor's own pending work...

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