Publicity: BSD Associate Examinations

I was asked to mention the following BSD Associate examinations will take place at the following three events:

  1. RMLL: Mont-de-Marsan, France, Jul 02, 2008

  2. OpenKyiv 2008: Kiev, Ukraine, Aug 02, 2008

  3. LinuxWorld: San Francisco, CA, Aug 06-07, 2008

From the BSDA description:

The BSDA certification is designed to be an entry-level certification on BSD Unix systems administration. Testing candidates with a general Unix background, but less than six months of work experience as a BSD systems administrator (or who wish to obtain employment as a BSD systems administrator) will benefit most from this certification. Human resource departments should consider the successful BSDA certified applicant to be knowledgeable in the daily maintenance of existing BSD systems under the direction and supervision of a more senior administrator.


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