Sunday, April 02, 2006

Support OpenSSH Development

Do you use OpenSSH? I use it on every Unix system I own. I decided to answer the call to support OpenSSH development in two ways.

First, I ordered a CD set of the upcoming OpenBSD 3.9 distribution. That was $45 + $4 shipping.

Second, I donated $51 through PayPal for direct support of OpenSSH.

I figured that since I sent $100 to Colin to support FreeBSD, I'd send $100 to OpenBSD as well. Would you (or your company) consider doing the same? Thank you.


Joe said...

I've done both already. I think this is a good idea. I'm going to as my company to help.

Anonymous said...

I plan on buying a 3.9 cd set and a t-shirt soon. Since I setup the DNS servers at my present employer running OpenBSD 2 years ago, I make sure that we purchase a cd set each year. This just makes sense.


Mantis said...

Seems like donations start rolling in :-)

Chris Walsh said...


Thanks for the good news. And major major kudos to the Mozilla foundation for doing this.

Anonymous said...

After reading /. on Tuesday I did just that. $45 for the 3.9 CD + $100 donation. Then this morning I read your blog from Sunday. Too funny.