Thursday, April 13, 2006

Share Pictures of Your Network Gear

I'm creating a class describing how to access network traffic in order to conduct network security monitoring. I'd like to know if anyone would mind sharing photos of their network closets, with descriptions of the gear in the rack and their network diagram. I'm looking to learn how you get connectivity from your ISP, where that link goes, and what your core, distribution, and access layers look like. I don't need to know about your desktops or whatever. I really just want students to get a look at a network closet and the sorts of connectors, cables, and rack gear they might expect to find.

I will not name any names. I'd just like to provide some real-world photos for students. If you can help, please email your photos Friday, along with short descriptions of what's shown. Even pictures taken with camera phones are fine. Thank you very much!


Tim said...

Hi Richard,

I don't know if they have many photos, but there are a couple hundred network diagrams at
- you might find something useful there.


Richard Bejtlich said...

Thanks Tim -- I've been there. I'm looking for pictures of gear though.

Tim said...

Whoops, missed that post, sorry. They do have some photos in the 'Network Racks' section, though there aren't necessarily diagrams associated with them. "Rack 4" has a link to a blog post about the rack at - which has several photos and some narrative about the equipment, but I didn't see a link to a diagram. "Rack 1" looks more like a network closet, and there are some labels superimposed on the photo... but yeah, they're not so heavy on the photos.


Richard Bejtlich said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for that link. That's a home network on steroids it seems.

Joe said...

Your want work or home?

I'll send some tonight...after I clean up my wiring...heh heh.

Richard Bejtlich said...

Hi Joe,

Work is best.