Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Note on RSS and Atom Feeds

Several times per month I get emails saying I've made a change to this blog's RSS or Atom feeds. I assure you I will post a message here notifying you of any changes I make. Throughout the history of this blog I have made zero changes to these feeds. Any changes you see are the result of tinkering by Feedburner (for RSS) and/or Blogger/Blogspot (for Atom). In many cases there is nothing I can do about any problems you encounter. I suggest notifying Feedburner or Blogger/Blogspot when something happens you don't like. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...


What you can do is bail on these outfits that are doing a lousy job syndicating your content, if and when you become aware that their service is falling below a standard.

Sure, you may not be able to fix anything yourself, but reports abt the feeds not working aren't just useless clutter in your mailbox -- they are potential customers telling you that try as they might, they cannot receive your information. That might be something you'd want to track.