Sunday, April 02, 2006

Support FreeBSD Security Coding

I just learned that Colin Percival, FreeBSD Security Officer and author of FreeBSD Update and Portsnap, is asking for donations:

I'm hoping to raise $15,000 Canadian (about US$13,000) to pay me to work full-time on FreeBSD for 16 weeks over the summer. This will allow me to devote more time to my role as FreeBSD Security Officer, perform a complete overhaul of FreeBSD Update, and make some significant improvements to Portsnap.

Specifically regarding FreeBSD Update:

Users will be able to update their World, Kernel(s), and Source code separately; this will make FreeBSD Update more usable by people with custom kernels... Non-i386 architectures will be supported... AMD64 builds will happen first, while other platforms will depend upon demand and the availability of build hardware... The update-building will be on hardware managed by the FreeBSD Security Team and other team members will be able to start builds; this will allow FreeBSD Update to (finally) be officially supported by the project.

I've been using FreeBSD Update for the last 2 1/2 years and Portsnap since November 2004. I couldn't imagine keeping FreeBSD up-to-date without these tools.

I just donated $100 to support Colin's work. I would ask any readers who use FreeBSD, FreeBSD Update, or Portsnap to consider making a donation. Thank you!


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Did my part! Blogged a link as well.