Sguil 0.6.0 Released

Today Bamm Visscher released Sguil 0.6.0. I am still working on an updated Sguil Installation Guide for Sguil 0.6.0 on FreeBSD 6.0. I am working on a VM that is a self-contained Sguil installation suitable for running as a demo in VMware Player. Perhaps while I am teaching at USENIX LISA next week I will have a chance to finish it.

Speaking of VMs, VMware Workstation 5.5 was released today too.


John Ward said…
I am sceptical to update. As soon as I do, he will release 0.7.0... but otherwise this is good news
Anonymous said…
This upgrade might be a tough one for us so we'll need to take it slow. Quite a while ago we ran into serious limitations with the sguildb sizes so we implemented our own MERGE table scheme within Mysql to solve it. We now have several sguildb's running very smoothly with each in size from 10Gb up to 60Gb in size. Now that Sguil 0.6.0 implements MERGE tables we'll need to be very careful that the upgrade won't break our scheme. I'm hopeful that we can simply ignore Sguil's implementation of MERGE tables so we can keep our own.
Anonymous said…
My bugfix for RC4 (and the 0.6.0 release) caused more problems then it fixed. I recommend people use RC3 until I can get a 0.6.1 out. Sorry about that all. John, this gives you an excuse to postpone your upgrade (like you need one).


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