Navy Installing Sun Ray Thin Clients

I've written about Sun's Sun Ray 170 thin client before. The Sun Ray is a true thin client, and to me it is the best way for enterprises to win the battle of the desktop against Microsoft-centric threats. Accordingly, I would like to congratulate the US Navy after reading Navy opts for thin-client systems onboard ships:

"Bob Stephenson, chief technology officer for command, control, communications, computers and intelligence operations at Spawar, said the Navy plans to use the thin-client systems from Sun Microsystems on all major surface ships in the fleet.

Thin clients will be installed on 160 vessels, Stephenson said. ..

Mario Diaz, Sun Microsystems' Navy sales manager, said the Navy will deploy the company's Sun Ray thin clients connected to servers running the Trusted Solaris operating system, which can collapse multiple networks onto a single network while providing separate levels of classification."

As a former Air Force officer, I'm biased towards the Air Force. However, I've written that I think the Air Force is fighting the last war, having decided to adopt "standardized and securely configured Microsoft software throughout the service." Whee, that only took what, 10 years? Kudos to the Navy for stepping forward with an innovative solutions.


Iang said…
From what I've seen, thin clients tend to get replaced by various means and eventually fall out of use. A far better idea would be to install MacMinis everywhere...

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