Thursday, July 14, 2005

Verisign to Acquire iDEFENSE

The 45 survivors at iDEFENSE must be breathing a sigh of relief. Verisign will buy iDEFENSE for $40 million. That is $100 million less than the cost to acquire Guardent in December 2003. Verisign has over 3,500 employees according to its fact sheet, and it seems to be making ever bigger advances into the security market. I would be interested in hearing from any iDEFENSE insiders (anonymously here) what they think of this acquisition.


Anonymous said...

It sucked working there before, so it can't be any worse.

Anonymous said...

Note to previous comment made by anonymous - it sucked to work at Verisign (ie idefense was a good place to be)?

I'm happy with the product I receive form idefense on a daily basis.