Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Public Network Security Operations Class

I am happy to announce the first public Network Security Operations class is tentatively scheduled for the last week in September, starting Tuesday 27 September and ending Friday 30 September. The class is tentatively scheduled to be held at Nortel PEC in Fairfax, VA. I plan to offer 13 seats to the public, at a cost of $2995 per seat.

The course offers four sections, one per day:

  1. Network Security Monitoring: theory, tools, and techniques to detect sophisticated intruders

  2. Network Incident Response: network-centric means to contain and remediate intrusions

  3. Network Forensics: collect, protect, analyze, and present network-based evidence to prosecute or repel intruders

  4. Live Fire Exercises: apply the preceding three days of skills in an all-day, all-lab environment

More information is contained in either the color .pdf or the grayscale .pdf flyers.

Once I have confirmed the location and time, I will post those details at the TaoSecurity training page.

Interested parties should email me: richard at taosecurity dot com. Once I have set up payment processing, those who pay first will receive seats first. Those who only email their intent to attend the class will be contacted as alternates if paying students fail to follow through for some reason. Therefore, it is worthwhile to signal your intention to attend the class, if you are so interested.

I look forward to seeing you in Fairfax in September!

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Anonymous said...

It is too far for me, I'm from Europe :(