Friday, July 15, 2005

New Libpcap and Tcpdump Available

Yesterday Libpcap 0.9.3 and Tcpdump 3.9.3 were released at The changelog lists "Support for sending packets" as a new feature. This is the biggest release since 0.8.3/3.8.3 in March last year. I hope to see the FreeBSD ports tree updated to include these new versions, although eventually they will be imported into the base system.


Anonymous said...

Is allowing tcpdump to send packets a good idea?

Anonymous said...

richard, can you shed some light on why support for sending packets has been added?

Richard Bejtlich said...

I personally have no need for Libpcap to support packet generation. The WinPcap developers added this functionality a few years ago, and it was on the Ethereal Wish List as "Item 17" back then. I think Libpcap/Tcpdump developer Guy Harris just thought it would be helpful to not have to rely on Libnet.