Three Pre-Reviews

I promise to start reading and reviewing books again, once my independent work schedule permits it. Until then, I would like to let you know about three new books I received.

The first is one I specifically requested, and I think it is important reading for anyone developing security and networking appliances. Network Systems Design Using Network Processors: Intel 2XXX Version by Douglas E. Comer, published by Prentice Hall, looks like the definitive work on the Intel IXP2xxx network processor. Computer professionals will see fewer security and networking appliances built on commodity platforms as network processors and related hardware offload certain fuctions.

I also received Windows Server 2003 Security: A Technical Reference by Roberta Bragg, published by Addison-Wesley. This is a really hefty book that appears to exceed the material in her earlier Hardening Windows Systems. I guarantee I will not read this book cover-to-cover (it's 1176 pages!) but it should be a helpful reference. I found it funny that the first sentence on the back cover, right next to the Windows logo, reads as follows:

"If you're a working Windows administrator, security is your #1 challenge."

The last book is Protect Your Windows Network: From Perimeter to Data, by Jesper Johansson and Steve Riley, published by Addison-Wesley. This book appears to cover both host and network infrastructure security, but from a Windows perspective. Author Johansson is Microsoft's Senior Program Manager for Security Policy and author Riley is Senior Program Manager in Microsoft's Security Business and Technology unit.


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