Nessus on FreeBSD

I'm rebuilding my laptop, and I needed to install Nessus. I prefer to install FreeBSD applications using pre-built packages whenever possible. I tried adding the nessus-2.2.4_1.tbz package but got this error when I started the nessus client.

Ooops ...
This nessus version has no gui support. You need to give nessus the
arguments SERVER PORT LOGIN TRG RESULT as explained in more detail
using the --help option.

The package built by the FreeBSD cluster does not include GTK. If the system on which the package is built does not have GTK installed, Nessus will only support the CLI. GTK is not listed as a build or run dependency:

janney:/usr/ports/security/nessus$ make pretty-print-build-depends-list
This port requires package(s) "" to build.
janney:/usr/ports/security/nessus$ make pretty-print-run-depends-list
This port requires package(s) "" to run.

Here is an example of a port that has build and run dependencies:

janney:/usr/ports/security/nessus$ cd ../nessus-plugins
janney:/usr/ports/security/nessus-plugins$ make pretty-print-build-depends-list
This port requires package(s) "nessus-2.2.4_1 nessus-libnasl-2.2.4
nessus-libraries-2.2.4" to build.
janney:/usr/ports/security/nessus-plugins$ make pretty-print-run-depends-list
This port requires package(s) "nessus-2.2.4_1 nessus-libnasl-2.2.4
nessus-libraries-2.2.4 nmap-3.81 pcre-5.0" to run.

I installed gtk20 using the pre-built package before trying to install Nessus again.

janney:/home/richard$ pkg_info | grep gtk
gtk-2.6.7 Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable version)

Now that GTK was installed, I was able to install Nessus using the security/nessus port. I used the 'make package' option. When I was done I had the following in my /usr/ports/security/nessus directory.

-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 318432 Jun 26 07:30 nessus-gtk2-2.2.4_1.tbz

This version of Nessus is not the same as the alternative without GTK support.

-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 213634 Jun 22 21:17 nessus-2.2.4_1.tbz

It looks like if you want Nessus with GTK, you'll have to build it yourself using the ports tree, on a system with GTK already installed.


Unknown said…
Thanks as always Richard...I love your FreeBSD stuff as when I need it your the first hit on Google for security stuff.

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