New Launched

Here's a quick note for anyone who cares -- content no longer at has been modified and moved to There's kinks to iron out at both sites, but I should have those fixed during the next week.


Anonymous said…
Well, there goes my weekend :-0 I won't be able to resist visiting all of the sites in the 'Resources' section.

Muchas Gracias!

PS: please add more cloesups of the switch/hub/router shelf.
Anonymous said…
Not directly related, but I've written a couple patches for Barnyard that I think are beneficial.

Barnyard Patches

Colin Grady
Anonymous said…
Don't forget to include background tags in your HTML. With my Windows theme, all of my windows are grey instead of white, which makes your background and center table color grey.

Also, are you going to include an RSS feed for your news updates?
Regarding colors -- I will work on that, thanks. I hadn't considered an RSS feed, but I will look at that too.

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