Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nvu 1.0 Released

Anyone who's visited or has probably stared in awe at the wonder of the Web composition skills inherent in each site. No? Well, I think they are an improvement over the 1996-era, made-with-vi HTML I created by hand. I used a program called Nvu (pronounced "N-view") to lay out the tables for each site. Yesterday Nvu 1.0 was released, and today the www/nvu FreeBSD port was updated.

I found Nvu doesn't produce perfect HTML, so I might use a program like Tidy to clean up the pages. The latest version of Tidy is also in the ports tree as www/tidy-devel. One day I will hire a Web developer to create modern Web pages for each site.

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Anonymous said...

Iirc: // is brand-new
Haven't personally seen that site nor used Nvu YMMV