Counterfeiters Kill Subway Stamps

I had no idea losers were selling Subway stamps on eBay or just plain counterfeiting them. Now Subway will end the program. This is a good example of reacting to a changing threat environment. When the stamp program was started in the 1980s, I imagine the majority of the users were honest and the technology to mass-produce look-alike stamps wasn't accessible to most people. Throw in high-quality printers and unscrupulous employees who steal and sell stamps, and we end up with the current situation. Perhaps Subway will institute some sort of electronic rewards card to replace the stamp system?


Josh Miller said…

Subway does have a rewards card program. I was able to get a rewards card several years ago so I wonder why they are still using the stamps in some places.

Anonymous said…
I don't think it's a matter of people being more or less honest now than they were in the 80s. It's more a matter of the bar of printing one's own coupons was much higher then, so honest people were kept honest. It's like locking your bicycle up outside: a determined thief can still get it, but it's much harder than if all they have to do is walk up and take it. Locks don't protect your stuff, they just keep honest people honest.

-- Mike (
higB said…
you subway eating pansy! :)
higB, you Trojan pwn3d security consultant! Nice blog though. :)

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