Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Book for the Korean Cyber Armies

I've got a book for the Korean cyber armies, North and South. That's right, it's my first book, The Tao of Network Security Monitoring, now published in Korean! Apparently my publisher just decided to translate and deliver this new edition to Korea. Can anyone who reads Korean comment on how they translated my name?

I've known for a while there is also a Spanish edition, but I've never seen it. I asked to see one of those too.

I have to admit that seeing these foreign language editions motivate me to try to write another solo book. However, I'm just not sure how I would find the time.


popeye said...

Hello, I'm Johnny Cho from Korea working as a network security researcher who loves BSDs. I've been doing network hacks for several years.

Anyway, good to hear that your publication is revealed to security guys in Korea translated into Korean.

When seeing your translated name printed in the cover of the book, I can phonetically pronounce your name "리차드 베이틀릭" like "RI-CHAR-D BE-I-TUL-LIC".

gr8, isn't it?

and the subject is translated as "Network Security Practices".


Minuk said...

phonetically, it reads something like"lee-cha-d bay-e-t-lik"

Anonymous said...

Your name isn't that clear in the picture provided, but it looks like:

Richard - Ri cha du
Bejtlich - Bay ah tul lik

Daniel Escobar said...

Hi Richard,

I bought your first book three years ago in spanish on Chile, South America. Great book.

The title of your book in spanish is: El Tao de la monitorizacion de seguridad en redes.

best regards