Thursday, September 02, 2010

Review of Hacking Exposed: Wireless, 2nd Ed Posted just posted my five star review of Hacking Exposed: Wireless, 2nd Ed by Johnny Cache, Joshua Wright and Vincent Liu. From the review:

I reviewed the first edition of Hacking Exposed: Wireless (HEW) in May 2007, and offered four stars. Three years later I can confidently say that Hacking Exposed: Wireless, 2nd Ed (HEW2) is a solid five star book. After reading my 2007 review, I believe the authors took my suggestions seriously, and those of other reviewers, and produced HEW2, the best book on wireless security available. If you want to understand wireless -- and not just 802.11, but also Bluetooth, ZigBee, and DECT -- HEW2 is the book for you.

I forgot to mention in my review that this new edition appears to be a substantial rewrite, not a minor editing of old chapters! I didn't do a chapter-by-chapter comparison. I did read the whole book, which the publisher provided as a review copy.


Mark Kelly said...

I always have thought highly of the Hacking Exposed Series in general very high quality work that actually teaches how vs. theory. I am curious if you'd recommend an upgrade even if someone has the old edition since sometimes I found that the version upgrades were not sufficient to recommend a repurchase.

I am curious how if you managed to get your review copy from a previously existing relationship with the author or some other arrangement.

Best Regards

Richard Bejtlich said...

Hi Mark,

In this case I would definitely recommend the upgrade. Wireless continues to evolve and this book is much different compared to the first edition. Like you said, sometimes other books (the original HE v4 vs v5 vs v6 etc.) don't change too much. This one is worthy of buying.

The authors offered me a review copy.

John said...

I don't know guys. Lately, Richard's been handing out five-star reviews like candy. If he doesn't reign it in soon, he'll have all the credibility of that guy from Fox whose endorsements are on all the lousy movies.

Richard Bejtlich said...

John, are you kidding? Check out a few reviews back. Incidentally I'm not the type of person who TRIES to read bad books, like someone who sits through bad movies because his job is to review all movies. I try to find good books, and if I pick a bad one I'll let you know.