World's Worst Security Visualization?

I'm speaking at VizSec 2010 next month. My topic is Is Security Visualization Useful in Production? I already asked do you use visualization in production? I realized it would also be great to show the world's worst security visualizations. So, what have you seen? What is just horrible yet supposed to be awesome?

I'll select the most interesting responses and integrate them into my presentation. Feel free to comment here or email richard at taosecurity dot com. Please be sure to include an IMAGE so we can see the visualization you are describing! Respond no later than Monday 30 August. Thank you.


jduck said…
I think Raffael Marty had some good (terrible) ones in a recent presentation ..
Anonymous said…
My first thougt was that You mean logo of this event.
Any graph that doesn't:
a) Tell a story
b) is easier to explain in words than comprehend visually

should be put shame.

best visualisation demos I've seen are by palantir.
Anonymous said…
I would rather hear what you use or don't use then a community developed idea of usefulness.
Anonymous said…
This. (See slides on Shapes Vector)

When you get 30,000 objects on the screen, having to "fly" around a gimmicky 3D space to spot anything isn't really useful.

It's a military project, so I'm guessing it's mainly designed for officer fascination.

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