Review of IT Security Metrics Posted just published my five star review of IT Security Metrics by Lance Hayden. From the review:

I was not sure what to expect as I started reading IT Security Metrics (ISM). I had just discarded another new book, published in July 2010, supposedly about security metrics but really about nothing useful to anyone anchored in the operational IT world. Would ISM be another disappointment? Since Andrew Jaquith published Security Metrics in 2007, no other book had appeared to help security professionals measure their worlds. Thankfully, I can strongly recommend Lance Hayden's ISM as a very strong contributor to the discussion on security metrics. ISM's subtitle, "A Practical Framework for Measuring Security & Protecting Data," really does explain the purpose and value of this great new book.


dre said…
This book is indeed flawless. With it and a copy of Minitab in-hand -- prove to your C-levels that a funded incident response program is business critical path.

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