Review of Practical Lock Picking Posted just posted my five star review of Practical Lock Picking by Deviant Ollam. From the review:

Practical Lock Picking (PLP) is an awesome book. I don't provide physical testing services, but as a security professional familiar with Deviant's reputation I was curious to read PLP. Not only is PLP an incredible resource, it should also serve as a model text for others who want to write a good book. First, although the book is less than 250 pages, it is very reasonably priced. Second, Deviant wastes NO space. There is no filler material, background found in other readily available texts, reprinted Web site content, etc. Third, the writing is exceptionally clear and methodical, with extreme attention to detail and a master's approach to educating the reader. Finally, the diagrams, pictures, and figures are superb. When necessary they convey the most subtle elements of lock or key design, and they are the appropriate size and clarity. Overall, this book is helpful for those wishing to pick locks AND those who want to know how to write a good book.


somebloke said…
Having seen Deviant give a fantastic talk at Blackhat Europe a couple of years ago, I would have no doubt that this books is awesome.

However, here's a point: in the UK, carrying a lock picking toolset could result in arrest and prosecution. Would therefore carrying this book in public constitute an infraction of that law?

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