GE Looking for Business Response Team Leader

GE continues to hire security professionals to help reduce IT risk at our company. I should be posting additional jobs for my team (GE-CIRT) next month, but right now my boss (our CISO) asked me to help find a Business Response Team (BRT) Leader for our Corporate entity. Visit and search for job 1251700 to find the role. From the summary:

The Business Response Team (BRT) Leader is responsible for working with business peers and the GE Computer Incident Response Team (GE-CIRT) to better protect GE Corporate from digital intruders. The BRT Leader limits and assesses the damage caused by digital intruders, evaluates the posture and configuration of business computers, provides direct security support to business initiatives, and works to improve the security of the business.

This role is in Connecticut in order to be close to our HQ.


Mister Reiner said…
How does GE determine that a potential candidate is qualified for this type of position? Do you present candidates with written test case scenarios and ask them to explain how they would approach the problem and/or what recommendations/solutions they have to address specific issues, shortcomings and areas of concerns?
Hi MR,

I'm not the hiring manager for this role. However, for my own hires, except for the written part, what you describe is part of my process.

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