Traffic Talk 9 Posted

I just noticed that my 9th edition of Traffic Talk, titled Testing Snort with Metasploit, was posted. From the article:

Security and networking service providers are often asked whether their solutions are working as expected. Two years ago, I wrote How to test Snort, which concentrated on reasons for testing and ways to avoid doing poor testing. In this article, prompted by recent discussions among networking professionals, I show how to combine several tools in a scenario where I test Snort with Metasploit.


Anonymous said…
This article was informative and suitable for a "lab" in the classroom.

operat0r said…
Meh ... missing a lot of things
REALJimBob said…
Please remember when ‘borrowing’ photographs next time that they are the copyright of the photographer and permission should be asked first. Additionally, the terms of service of Flickr say you should provide a link back to the image’s page —
REALJimBob, sorry about that. I removed all of them. If you find others and want to let me know, I'll drop them too.

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