Information Security Jobs in GE-CIRT and Other GE Teams

I'm hiring for my team (GE-CIRT) again. The following summarizes open positions:

  1. Information Security Incident Handler (1145304); serious skills required

  2. Information Security Incident Analyst (1147842); intermediate skills required

  3. Information Security Event Analyst (1147849); extreme willingness to learn required

  4. Security Assurance Team Senior Analyst (1147811); intermediate skills required

  5. Security Assurance Team Analyst (1147853); extreme willingness to learn required

  6. Information Security Infrastructure Engineer (1147859); serious Unix and open source system and database administration skills required

Roles 1-3 involve incident detection and response. Roles 4-5 involve threat analysis, Red-Blue teaming, and internal consulting. Role 6 supports team systems. All roles have a bias towards hiring into our beautiful Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology System in Michigan. I already have five guys working there and expect to have at least a dozen more on our team working there by the end of the year. In some cases I have multiple jobs available. Some of these candidates will report directly to me, while others will report to my senior team leaders.

If you hope to be referred by a GE employee, be sure to have that employee follow the Company referral policy. Do not apply on your own.

If interested in joining GE-CIRT, search for the indicated job numbers at I will not answer questions until potential applicants apply to the jobs, and then I will only do so through work channels. Thank you.

In addition to the roles listed above, other security teams in GE are hiring incident analysts with the job numbers listed below.

  • 1148549

  • 1147886

  • 1148555

  • 1142824

Also, GE Research is hiring for the following positions:

  • 1149708: Next Generation IT Security Program Manager

  • 1149697: Infrastructure Security Leader

  • 1149699: Infrastructure Security Architect

  • 1149705: Information Security Incident Response Leader

  • 1125694: Cyber Security Researcher


Unknown said…
Did we ever get blessed with knowing what the numbers on your GE-CIRT emblem are?

LonerVamp, that's the first question in the interview (just kidding).
Jeff Harrison said…
Any chance of working at a remote office or telecommuting from Florida?

Jeff Harrison

In general, no, but for exceptional candidates for some jobs, maybe.
Anonymous said…
Well, at least that's better than asking what the average annual rainfall in the Amazon basin is! :)

Anonymous said…
You will ask the candidate to describe the TCP 3-way handshake, right?
aerospike said…
Shit, for this job you'd better *at the very least* know TCP/IP handshake in binary. (not joking).
Dennis said…
Hello, one question regarding the jobs. When is the possible date to begin the jobs?

Thank you very much.

Regards from Japan.

Anonymous said…
It's such a shame these job opportunities are available only for US citizens...
Anonymous said…
What I find most interesting about these position descriptions is their clarity.
I printed them out just to keep around to remind me wha tthe industry actually *needs*. Former employers often listed openings with decriptions of what they "wanted" tactically - they rather missed the boat I think.
Chris said…


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