Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Position in GE-CIRT

My team just opened a position for a Security Information and Event Management professional. This candidate will report to me in GE-CIRT but take daily direction from our SIM leader and our Lead Incident Handler. We're looking for a technical person who can not only administer our SIM, but also help our team implement our detection and response objectives and use cases in our SIM and related infrastructure.

This candidate will sit in our new Advanced Manufacturing & Software Technology Center in Van Buren Township, Michigan.

If interested, search for job 1087025 at or go to the job site to get to the search function a little faster. I am available to answer questions on the role or forward them to our SIM leader. You can reach me by posting a comment here and providing an email address where I can contact you. Thank you.


Unknown said…
This looks like a great opportunity! I have submitted my resume, I believe it compliments my skill set perfectly.
Anonymous said…
Is it opened for non-US citizen from Europe?
Anonymous, no.
Anonymous said…
Too bad the position is in Michigan. I would like to have applied. Good luck with the candidate search

Dremspider said…
Imagine what it would be like to work for the master.....

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