Review of Windows Forensic Analysis 2nd Ed Posted just published my five star review of Windows Forensic Analysis, 2nd Ed by Harlan Carvey. From the review:

I read and reviewed the 1st Ed of this book in July 2007, and I just finished reading Windows Forensic Analysis 2nd Ed (WFA2E) this weekend. If your job involves investigating Windows systems, you must read this book. It's as simple as that. There is no substitute for this book. It also perfectly complements other solid forensics works already published.

Great work again, Harlan!


hiro said…
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H. Carvey said…

Thanks for the review!!
infosec208 (Jeff Murri) said…
I wholeheartedly agree. The first version of this book I own has sticky notes, dog ears and is falling apart (the only critique would be the binding gives out after awhile under heavy use). The new version - worth the coin to upgrade. Good for both Forensics professionals, casual people that want to learn and I would argue (like I did in my Amazon review) that Windows Admins should read it too.

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