Hakin9 Extended Edition in Stores

Hakin9 published an "extended edition" magazine recently. This "best of" issue is 218 pages long and contains a nice selection of past articles.

Although the writing isn't as uniformly smooth as one would find in the late, great Sys Admin magazine, I continue to find interesting articles in Hakin9. (By "smooth" I mean that articles written by non-native speakers tend to reflect that English isn't their first language. Hakin9 might consider hiring a native English copyeditor to rework articles prior to publication.)

There's really no other printed security periodical like Hakin9. The technical level is higher than that of 2600 magazine, for example. You don't find articles on security management like you might in Information Security Magazine or SC Magazine, either.


I have a love-hate relationship with "Haking". It's probably the most technical offensive security oriented magazine available. But it has serious quality control issues. There are often serious English and grammar mistakes. Unfortunately, the mistakes are often substantial enough to degrade the reading experience. Similarly, the magazine shuffles between dense insightful articles and filler that can easily be found Googling.
Anonymous said…
I agree completely, hakin9 is a much needed technically focused security resource, but due to the issues you mentioned is not worth the $14.99 sticker price.
Andrew Horton said…
I love hakin9 magazine.

It is a Polish magazine translated into many languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Polish. Authors submit articles in their mother languages.

I don't care that the English in some articles is poor because I still understand the meaning. I wouldn't want to pay another $1 per issue for better proof reading.

Hakin9 is highly recommended.
Anonymous said…
If the occassional slip of the English is your only concern, I would suggest you just try to work with it. They aren't native English speakers. As to some of their articles, or more to the point, their attributions being available through Google, that is correct. Good for them to attribute their information. Also to show examples of testing. Also to bring it together in one article. Is it all new? No. If you are technically beyond most of what you see, I suggest you either don't buy it, or see about contributing.

Me, I enjoy it, but maybe I am just too much of a newb.
Anonymous said…
I prefer 2600 magazines, they are more readable.

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