Draft Version of New Keeping FreeBSD Up-To-Date

Four years ago I wrote an article titled Keeping FreeBSD Up-To-Date. The goal was to document various ways that a FreeBSD 5.2 system could be updated and upgraded using tools from that time, in an example-drive way that complemented the FreeBSD Handbook.

I decided to write an updated version that starts with a FreeBSD 7.1 RELEASE system and ends by running FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE. Sections include:

FreeBSD Handbook
The Short Answer
Understanding FreeBSD Versions
Learning About Security Issues
Starting with the Installation
Installing Gnupg and Importing Keys
Installing Source Code
Installing CVSup
Applying Kernel Patches Manually
Applying Userland Patches Manually
Using CVSup to Apply Patches
Using Csup to Apply Patches
FreeBSD Update to Upgrade FreeBSD within Versions
STABLE: The End of the Line for a Single Version
What Comes Next?

Looking at the sections, I noted that it might be good to add a section on using FreeBSD Update to upgrade to 8.0, assuming you're starting with a non-7.2-STABLE system. From what I've read, that isn't possible? (Anyone know for sure?)

It would also be nice to publish the final version once 8.0 is RELEASEd so I could incorporate that.

If you'd like to read the document and provide feedback, I'd appreciate constructive comments. The draft is available as a .pdf at http://www.taosecurity.com/kfbutd7.pdf. Thank you.


Borsa said…
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P. Bordjukov said…
Can I please have a link to the plain text version?
Bordjukov, why?
P. Bordjukov said…
Because I find it hard to read formatted like that... Somehow mono spaced fonts and separate pages don't mix :/
It's just a draft... I will publish a .pdf converted from a formatted Word .doc. Also, I am working with BSD Magazine to have the article published.
P. Bordjukov said…
OK, that's great :)
SeanC said…

With Adobe reader, there is an option to "Save as Text" under File. It usually works.

Richard, thanks for the How-To!
Anonymous said…
Haven't had time to get through the whole thing yet, couple of small things in the meantime.

page 2 - the steps are demonstrated - but think you are missing the freedbsd-update fetch part - don't think setenv output would say "Looking up update..."

page 3 - "Following those six steps will ..." - but in the previous numbered list you have 4 items. Easy enough to work out but a little bit confusing.

page 3 - near the end of the page "I prefer ... As long as the systems performs as I would" - think that should be "system performs" - so no "s" on that system.

Thanks for the documentation, I've found it helpful in the past.

Richard Toohey.
Richard Toohey, thanks for the feedback -- fixed!

Anonymous said…
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