Rose Bowl Parade

Star Wars Episode IV is my favorite movie, and I for one welcome our new Stormtrooper overlords. What better way to ring in the new year than Imperial domination? Remember, if it weren't for that pesky Rebel Alliance we'd all be speaking with British accents by now. Credit for the photo belongs to the Associated Press and Damian Dovarganes.


Anonymous said…
Your thoughts on Episodes I - III?
When I watched the first five minutes of Episode I, I thought "This is AWESOME." Cue the landing on Jar-Jar's planet, and the movie went downhill. I cannot fathom why Lucas feels the need for lame "comic relief." I just want to see Jedis running rampant.

I thought Ep III was better than Ep II, but the dialogue in all of the movies is horrible. It's so painful in Ep III between Padme and pre-Darth that I can only laugh.

In some ways Ep V (Empire) is the best of all six movies, but seeing Ep IV as a five-year-old is an experience that cannot be replaced. :)
Anonymous said…
I agree on IV and V. It took a bottle of pepto to get each of I-III. The low point is the Darth Vadar "NO!!!" scene at the end.

Han shot first...
Han DEFINITELY shot first. :)
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, the original Star Wars had riveting dialogue like this:

"This isn't over yet!"
"It is for me, sister!"

If it wasn't nostalgic, it would be positively cringe-worthy!

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