FreeBSD News

I'd like to mention a few FreeBSD news items. First, FreeBSD 6.2 was released Monday. I am not rushing to install it but I plan to deploy it everywhere. I have a subscription to, so I don't need to download any .iso's at the moment. I plan to upgrade all existing FreeBSD 6.1 systems using Colin Percival's 6.1 to 6.2 binary upgrade script. I am particularly glad to see that Colin's freebsd-update utility is now part of the base system.

Second, FreeSBIE 2.0, a FreeBSD live CD based on FreeBSD 6.2, was just released. I plan to download and try it out, at least in a VM. I'll probably burn a CD to use for testing FreeBSD support on various hardware.

Third, this story pointed me to a site watching developments in FreeBSD 7.0, called What's cooking for FreeBSD 7.0?. It provides a quick summary of features expected in the next major version of FreeBSD. Keeping with the development theme, the Oct-Dec 2006 status report was also just published.

Update: If you use a USB mouse, wait for FreeSBIE 2.0.1 -- according to this interview with Matteo Riondato.


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