NoVA Sec Meeting 1900 Mon 29 Jan 07 at Getronics

Since this blog has a higher readership than the NoVA Sec blog, I want to reiterate:

The next NoVA Sec meeting will take place 1900 (7 pm) Monday 29 January 2007 at Getronics Red Siren. Wesley Shields will discuss FreeBSD jails.


Anonymous said…
Just curious, how high IS that readership?
According to the Sitemeter statistics that track visitors to the Web version of this blog, at one point (end of 2005) I had about 30,000 visitors per month. Since then, I believe most people have switched to subscribing to the RSS feed provided by Blogger. Unfortunately, Blogger does not export statistics for RSS subscriptions. I don't have any real idea anymore.
Anonymous said…
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