Sunday, May 01, 2005

Report from the CISSP Exam

No, I did not take the CISSP test again -- thank goodness. A friend of mine just did, however. He agreed to share his story with you.

"I attended the Intense School CISSP bootcamp last week and took the test last Sunday. I received my test result today and I passed! It was the hardest and most obscure test I have ever taken. I was convinced I did not pass. Usually, I perform well on test, but this was a monster. I never want to take it again and wouldn’t wish my version of the test on anyone!

It took me two hours and 50 minutes. I guess that is fast compared to the average. I can’t imagine sitting there for six hours staring at those questions. I just answered/guessed and moved on and didn’t go back and change any answers. I think I was the first CISSP test taker done in the room. I am so relieved."

I had the same experience almost four years ago, except I finished in 90 minutes. The room was so cold, I just wanted to be done and get out of there as fast as possible!

I thought a majority of the CISSP questions were silly and had nothing to do with real security practitioner work. As I've written before, the main reason I took and held the CISSP cert was its Code of Ethics. This is one of the features that separates professionals from the rest of the field, in my opinion.

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