Monday, May 09, 2005

FreeBSD 5.4 RELEASE Available

Several people let me know that FreeBSD 5.4 RELEASE was made publicly available this morning. Thank you -- I was busy installing it on the Dell PowerEdge 750 shown in my previous blog entry. :) You can read the dmesg output I stored at the NYCBUG site. Enjoy!

Incidentally, here is the df output after I built the sensor.

Script done on Mon May 9 09:43:45 2005
Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
/dev/aacd0s2a 989M 35M 875M 4% /
devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /dev
/dev/aacd0s2f 989M 28K 910M 0% /home
/dev/aacd0s2h 436G 265M 401G 0% /nsm
/dev/aacd0s2e 989M 12K 910M 0% /tmp
/dev/aacd0s2d 5.9G 961M 4.4G 17% /usr
/dev/aacd0s2g 4.8G 510K 4.5G 0% /var


jl said...

Richard, what is in the /nsm partition?
I'm studying your excellent book and curious what you have installed.


Richard Bejtlich said...

/nsm is where I store data collected by NSM tools like Snort, SANCP, and so on.

I use a separate partition to contain the damage caused by runaway packet collection.