Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Attend VMWare Seminar, Get Free Workstation 5 Copy

Today I received an email from VMWare describing a new promotion. Over three days, from 14 June to 16 June, VMWare will be conducting three-hour seminars in twenty cities in the US and Canada. According to the announcement, attendees will leave with a full copy of VMWare Workstation 5, a nearly $200 value. The exact words are: "Take what you learned today and implement it with your new copy of VMware Workstation 5 - no strings attached."

This is an excellent deal. I received a free copy of Windows NT 4 years ago at a Microsoft promotion. If anyone attends the seminar at the Dulles, VA Marriott, I will see you there.


chuck said...

What's the cost of the seminar? I just signed up and saw no mention of a cost associated with it. Maybe the email will contain more details.

Richard, thanks for the heads up on this one. I was just thinking about this new version and how bad I need it :)


Richard Bejtlich said...

The seminar is free. Good deal!