Friday, May 27, 2005

Snort Inline?

Is anyone successfully running an inline deployment of Snort on FreeBSD? If so, please email me: richard at taosecurity dot com. This guide makes it look easy, but I've tried multiple variations (bridging, routing, etc.) with Snort 2.3.3 on FreeBSD 5.4 REL and nothing works completely. Thank you.

Update: I got it working. snort-2.3.3.tar.gz doesn't work; snort_inline-2.3.0-RC1.tar.gz does. Who knew.


Anonymous said...


Don't know if you are using the ports version of snort 2.3.3 (inline has been included in snort src since 2.3.0RC1) or not. However, the --enable-inline and --enable-ipfw switches have to be set during compile time; the ports version doesn't have this. Additionally, the README.INLINE in snort 2.3.3 src also mentions the need for libnet (1.0.x) to be installed. Hope this helps!

Richard Bejtlich said...


I installed Snort 2.3.3 from source. I have PCRE and Libnet 1.0.2a on the box. Still no go.

Martin Roesch said...

Yeah, we need to backport divert socket support into the main branch of Snort. One step at a time...