Monday, February 21, 2005

Pre-Review: Mapping Security

I recently received Mapping Security: The Corporate Security Sourcebook for Today's Global Economy by Tom Patterson and Scott Gleeson Blue, published by Addison-Wesley for Symantec Press. This is the second book from Symantec's new publishing venture. The first was The Executive Guide to Information Security: Threats, Challenges, and Solutions by Mark Egan and Tim Mather. Their third and latest is The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense by Peter Szor, which looks so good I'm starting to read it this week.

I will probably never read Mapping Security since it is a non-technical book for managers, and my reading list is stacked for the next year. I want to mention it here, however, because it is unique. Author Tom Patterson presents a global survey of doing security work in a variety of countries. I know of no other book like this, and I think it would be invaluable for managers of multinational corporations, international salespeople, and globe-trotting consultants. I do not fit into any of those categories. If I wanted to know how to conduct business outside the United States, I would definitely read Patterson's book.

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