Tuesday, February 08, 2005

FreeBSD 5.4 Release Schedule

I haven't been reading the FreeBSD mailing lists regularly. Today I looked into the freebsd-stable list and saw the FreeBSD 5.4 Release Schedule posted. Highlights include:

Feb. 23 newvers.sh starts to say 5.4-PRERELEASE
Mar. 2 RELENG_5 code freeze begins
Mar. 4 Public test release build called 5.4-PRERELEASE
Mar. 16 Branch RELENG_5_4, unfreeze RELENG_5
Mar. 18 5.4-RC1
Mar. 25 5.4-RC2
Apr. 4 5.4-RELEASE

You can watch the schedule and open issues pages as the release engineering process continues.

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