Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pre-Review: The Art of Intrusion

I received Kevin Mitnick's new book The Art of Intrusion yesterday. This is a sequel to his 2001 book The Art of Deception. The new book is the result of Kevin's 2004 call for hackers where he said "I'm putting out a call to all current and former hackers to tell me about your sexiest hack. I'm not looking for those who simply downloaded and used pre-packaged exploits, but hackers who have shown innovation and ingenuity to compromise their targets."

I gave Kevin's earlier book four stars, and I plan to read the new book very soon. I think we security professionals benefit from reading books about threats as well as vulnerabilities. Those of you who have followed this blog or read my book know the difference. By learning how structured threats think and behave, we can better prepare our defenses. If even some of the stories in The Art of Intrusion are true, we will gain a very valuable insight into the adversary's mind. Stay tuned for a full review -- I've got this book on deck.

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Anonymous said...

I have already started reading this book, and so far it has been nicely entertaining. It definitely seems less repetitive and more natural than Art of Deception. In recent years there seems to be this niche for hacking pseudo-nonfiction and this certainly reads rather well so far.

The narratives are not as instructive as something like Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box, but the ideas are all there and very real.