Monday, January 12, 2004 Laptop Parts

Slashdot redeemed itself today by posting a good thread on obtaining parts for your laptop. I checked out and was able to browse for parts for my Thinkpad. While my favorite place to buy RAM remains Crucial, I'll keep Laptopsforless in mind when I need a battery or AC adapter.


Anonymous said...

I started to read this section on TCP sequence numbers. I read the first line and you state that the ip address of the device is, that ip isn't even listed in the trace. the ip is why would anyone read this when you don't even have the ip addresses correct. That is just in the first line.

Richard Bejtlich said...

Anonymous, could you be a more cryptic, please? (That's sarcasm if you missed it.)

I figured out you're talking about Appendix A in my Tao book, which has nothing to do with this blog entry.

If you read the section properly you'll see it's a FTP connection to, which when I wrote the book was as shown in the trace. isn't involved. What I wrote is correct.