Wednesday, January 28, 2004

US-CERT National Cyber Alert System

ZDNet reports on the new National Cyber Alert System, also called the "National Cyber Advisory System." (Two names mean they're off to a great start I guess?) This portion of the new US-CERT provides the public with technical and non-technical email bulletins. I subscribed to both technical lists but have yet to hear back from the mail server. According to the press release:

"The new National Cyber Alert System security suite of products includes:

Cyber Security Tips: Targeted at non-technical home and corporate computer users, the bi-weekly Tips provide information on best computer security practices and "how-to" information.

Cyber Security Bulletins: Targeted at technical audiences, Bulletins provide bi-weekly summaries of security issues, new vulnerabilities, potential impact, patches and work-arounds, as well as actions required to mitigate risk.

Cyber Security Alerts: Available in two forms - regular for non-technical users and advanced for technical users - Cyber Security Alerts provide real-time information about security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits currently occurring. Alerts encourage all users to take rapid action."