Monday, January 12, 2004

FreeBSD 5.2 Released Today!

FreeBSD 5.2 was released today. Be sure to read the errata if you have trouble with ACPI. As soon as I download the .iso I need from a mirror I will install 5.2 REL on my Thinkpad laptop. I still use 4.9 on my production systems, although many people report good results with 5.x on their servers.

I was sad to see Slashdot repeated last year's debacle with FreeBSD 5.0 by posting news of the "release" prior to the official annoucement. What's wrong with them?

I encourage all FreeBSD users to support the project by buying a CD-ROM or T-shirt from FreeBSDMall. I've started buying copies of the releases, and for less than $40 you get four CDs. They include the install CD, and live CD-based distro, and two CDs of precompiled packages. The polo shirt pictured at left is really sharp too, not a flimsy piece of clothing.