Tuesday, October 21, 2003

NetScreen Announces Deep Packet Inspection Firewalls

Trying to make Gartner's dreams come true, NetScreen announced new "deep inspection firewalls," prompting "Richard Stiennon, vice president of research at Gartner, Inc., [to say] 'because of the new worms, malicious code and cyber attacks that are now targeting application weaknesses and more applications and protocols are tunneling through firewalls, firewalls must provide a wider range of intrusion prevention capabilities along with advanced centralized management functionality.'"

Only The Register reported the cost of running such a system on a real network:

"Robert Ma, a Senior Director of Product Marketing and Management at NetScreen, explained that because Deep Inspection looks deeper into traffic there is a trade off which means users looking to maximise performance should still consider deploying separate IDP and firewall appliances. For example, NetScreen's low-end 5GT firewall runs at 75Mbps normally but at only 18Mbps with Deep Inspection technology activated, according to preliminary figures."

I wonder what speed those inline "separate IDP and firewall appliances" run at?

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