Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hit By Credit Card Fraud Again

I just became a victim of credit card fraud for the second time in two years. My bank called to ask if I had made a purchase of approximately $59.97 to Proflowers.com today. I told them I had not, and they replied I was a victim of credit card fraud. I asked how they knew so quickly, since the amount was low and not exactly outside the realm of normal activity. They security rep said that charges to Proflowers.com were getting additional scrutiny. I called Proflowers.com but they would not give me any other details.

I have two pieces of advice:

  1. Watch those credit card statements closely! If you see something odd, report it immediately. Better yet, check your card status weekly or more regularly using your bank's online facilities.

  2. Set aside a single, low ceiling credit card solely for online purchases. Use other cards for "bricks and mortar" purchases. That way, if my "b&m" card receives a fraudulent charge, I know it wasn't a result of online fraud.

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