Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review of pfSense: The Definitive Guide Posted just posted my five star review of pfSense: The Definitive Guide by Christopher M. Buechler and Jim Pingle and published by Reed Media. From the review:

I have to admit that pfSense: The Definitive Guide (pTDG) caught me off guard. I expected the book to mainly discuss installing and using the pfSense firewall appliance, which would have been enough for me to enjoy the book. However, I was pleased to see coverage of many issues related to network security and firewall design and operation. For me, these features elevated the entire book to five star status. If you're interested in learning how pfSense can help your organization, and what it means to deploy firewalls, pTDG is the right book.


Chris Buechler said...

Glad you liked it Richard, very pleased you deemed it worthy of 5 stars. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

I liked it too, Chris.

And seeing as how pfSense is my firewall of choice these days, I found it quite useful.

Now if you'll just finish the release version of 2.0 ...

- Stormcrow