Friday, March 18, 2011

Requesting Comments on Open Information Security Foundation

Thank you to anyone who voted for me to join the board of the Open Information Security Foundation. They are most famous for their Suricata intrusion detection engine, but I expect additional outputs as time passes. I appreciate those of you who supported my goal to join their board. I will try to provide fair and useful input to the project.

I believe we will have our first board phone call next week. Are there any issues you would like me to raise, or consider for future meetings?

I am personally interested in OISF because I think they bring a level of enthusiasm, openness, and innovation to the open source network security monitoring space, alongside tools like Bro and Snort and others I mentioned in my January post Seven Cool Open Source Projects for Defenders.

OISF is also a US nonprofit, a 501c(3) group, so I like the idea of helping that sort of organization.

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Stunder said...

Congrats. I have been wanting to pick up and start donating some time to project like OISF. I need to get motivated one day and just do it...